Daniel B. Garrie, Partner

Attorney Daniel B. Garrie

Daniel Garrie is the co-head of ZEK’s Cybersecurity Practice, and coordinates the firm’s privacy, forensics and e-discovery practices. Daniel Garrie is one of the most sought-after cyber security and e-discovery experts in the country having advised federal and state judges.

Mr. Garrie’s unique technical skills allows the Cybersecurity Practice to provide unparalleled substantive assistance to clients before, during and after Cybersecurity breaches. This allows clients to prevent incidents, get faster and deeper clarity concerning ongoing breaches, respond to litigation, and reduce their overall Cybersecurity liability. Mr. Garrie works with clients to create and implement global effective responses to cybersecurity attacks, including data breach notifications, incidence response plans and crisis management counseling. In addition, Mr. Garrie has written over 100 articles on legal and technology topics and has lectured to the bench and bar all over the United States. He is also the author of “Plugged in Guide to Software”, “E-Discovery & Dispute Resolution”, and “Cyber Warfare and the Law” published by Thomson Reuters.

Mr. Garrie holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in computer science and appears as comfortable talking with entrepreneurs as he is with developers, lawyers, and judges. Mr. Garrie has garnered a national reputation at the intersection of computer forensics and the law, and he remains the Executive Managing Partner of Law & Forensics, a legal-consulting firm that works with clients across industries on software, cyber security, e-discovery, and digital forensic issues. Prior to joining the practice of law Mr. Garrie built and sold several technology start-up companies. With an affinity for building start-ups and shaping a leadership team, Daniel is an active advisor and board member for a number of different companies, including Get.it, Norse Corp, and Eccentex.

Today, Mr. Garrie serves as the Executive Managing Partner for Law & Forensics, a legal consulting firm, and as general counsel to Pulse Advisory, a venture development group. Daniel is a seasoned E-Discovery Special master retained for complex high stakes cases nationwide in both federal and state courts in cases involving claims into the billions of dollars. He has acted as Discovery Referee in disputes worldwide arising out of employment termination; failed mergers and patent licensing issues; valuation disputes involving software and internet technology companies ranging from $500,000 to $25 million. He has served as an Electronically Stored Information Liaison, Neutral and Expert for the L.A. Superior Courts, 2nd Circuit, 3rd Circuit, 7th Circuit, New York Supreme Court, and Delaware Supreme Court.

Daniel is active in many charitable organizations and serves on the Board of Friends of Yemin Orde. He is an avid skier.


  • Advised a cloud computing company that was dealing with inquiries from state, federal, and international law enforcement around a cyberattack.
  • Worked with a global financial institution to create and implement a cybersecurity playbook. Thus, when our client experienced a data breach they were able to respond quickly saving them millions of dollars and limiting the impact by various regulatory agencies. Advised a mobile application company in connection with an investigation by the New York State Attorney General and FTC into its online privacy practices.
  • Represented an insurance company in responding to various regulatory agencies and dealing with civil and criminal issues related to a cyberattack that resulted in the loss of customer and employee data.
  • Advised an international medical device company that experienced a cyberattack regarding disclosure issues under data security and privacy laws , including HIPAA/HITECH, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and several state-level data security and data breach notification laws.
  • Consulted and advised several company boards of directors and senior executives in the financial and healthcare sectors on cybersecurity challenges and compliance with their fiduciary and statutory duties to safeguard the company’s stock price and assets.
  • Successfully managed a worldwide data breach investigation managing both legal and computer forensic teams that provided a risk legal, business, and technical analysis of vulnerability scanners, intrusion detection/prevention system (IDS/IPS) and firewall logs, performs network system security audits.
  • Advised several publicly traded companies on cybersecurity disclosure issues resulting from the SEC’s recent Guidance on cybersecurity-related disclosure, and worked with these public companies on how to best communicate cybersecurity related issues to investors and other constituents.
  • Advised more than 150 companies on electronic discovery issues that were in the insurance, financial, healthcare, and entertainment sectors both in the United States and abroad.
  • Served as electronic discovery liaison for a large privately held environmental consulting firm in $54 billion RICO case brought by Chevron, arising out of client’s services in connection with environmental damage litigation in Ecuador, that involved more than 40 terabytes of data.
  • Created and implemented for Fortune 1000 company a comprehensive e-discovery and computer forensics in-house solutions that saved seven figures and ensured that counsel had a defensible coordinated response by the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Appointed and served as Electronic Discovery Special Master by Judge Robert Hess in Los Angeles Superior Court in a matter that involved e-Bay, Skype and several other global organizations, and issued findings for the court on compliance with the court orders, identifying highly sensitive discovering and/or recovering evidence from hard drives and backup tapes; and mediating key-word search disputes.
  • Appointed and served as ESI Liaison in the 7th Circuit where Mr. Garrie successfully assisted the courts and parties involved with complex electronic discovery dispute.
  • Worked with several Fortune 1000 companies on best practices regarding records retention, disposition of non-record information, and disclosure of electronic evidence in international forums delivering millions in annual savings.