Zeichner Ellman & Krause Announces a Formal Affiliation with Sherman IP

Zeichner Ellman & Krause LLP, a New York-based full-service business law firm, and Sherman IP LLP, a Los Angeles-based intellectual property law firm, announced that they have entered into a formal affiliation.

This agreement, which takes effect immediately, will enable each firm to offer the services of the other’s practice groups to their clients and jointly market to new clients while maintaining their own firm identities and structure, personalities, separate operations, and primary client relationships. Additionally, to streamline clients’ experiences when both firms are engaged, ZEK and Sherman IP will offer unified administrative functions to ease engagement of additional professionals, resources and to pursue further types of legal matters. Each firm’s clients and teams will continue engagements in existing legal matters while now having access to new and more expansive legal services, attorneys, and resources.

ZEK provides services in banking, business litigation and dispute resolution (including intellectual property litigation), corporate finance and structuring, commercial transactions, work-out and loan enforcement, bankruptcy, employment law and litigation, insurance, real estate, government investigations, financial crimes, anti-money laundering, regulatory and white-collar defense, healthcare, cybersecurity law and compliance, and the food service and hospitality arenas.

Sherman IP is a preeminent Intellectual Property law firm that provides services to clients ranging from the world’s largest public corporations to mid-size companies to individual entrepreneurs. The firm is recognized for its advanced experience in high technology patent prosecution; sophisticated, high-volume trademark prosecution; patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret litigation and transactions including licensing, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions.

“Increasingly, our clients have been expressing a desire to have us help them with their patent and trademark matters,” says Stuart Krause, ZEK’s Executive Partner. “Financial institutions, one of our core client groups, are among the top intellectual property filing industries. Through our affiliation with Sherman IP, ZEK can now offer these clients and others the sophisticated IP services they need, and at a rate that is more economical than could be accomplished inhouse.”

According to Kenneth L. Sherman, Founder and Managing Partner of Sherman IP, the affiliation with ZEK expands Sherman IP’s legal services both vertically with additional talent, and horizontally from IP legal services to more generalized business legal services. “Many of Sherman IP’s clients need support in structuring their entities, as well as advice and representation in mergers and acquisitions as they grow,” says Sherman. “Those legal skill sets are now available in coordination with the growth of our clients’ intellectual property assets.”

ZEK and Sherman IP have been working together for more than 30 years. This agreement now adds a purpose-driven formality and client-centric structure to the relationship. According to both firms, the affiliation promises to deliver an enhanced level of efficiency and effectiveness to current and future clients.