ZEK Recognized as a Leader in Israel Amongst Foreign Law Firms in Litigation, Banking and Finance, and Hi-Tech Law

ZEK is pleased to announce that it was recognized in “Legally Israel 100” as a leading foreign firm in the areas of litigation, banking and finance, and hi-tech law.

Tabulated by Israel Desks, a platform of centralized data and insights about the Israel desks of international law firms, Legally Israel 100 ranks foreign law firms and attorneys actively doing business in Israel based upon their volume of litigation and transactions, and recognizes firms and attorneys taking “proactive, instrumental, and hands-on roles with respect to Israel.”

Additionally, ZEK attorney Daniel Rubel was awarded the distinction of being a Recognized and Notable Foreign Attorney by colleagues at leading local Israeli law firms. Stuart Krause and Bruce Goodman were also prominently featured by Legally Israel 100 for their roles in assisting Israeli clients in cross-border litigation.

ZEK has been working with Israeli clients for close to 20 years and maintains a foreign attorney’s office in Tel Aviv where it provides US legal services to Israeli and foreign clients in a wide variety of practice areas, including corporate and securities, commercial litigation, bankruptcy, banking, regulatory matters, real estate, employment, and U.S. government investigations. Notably, ZEK was the first law firm to be certified as a foreign attorney’s office by the Israel Bar Association.

These awards and distinctions demonstrate ZEK’s very active role in the Israeli legal community and showcase its deep understanding of market trends, sharp focus on its clients’ business opportunities, and skillful navigation of challenges facing its clients.

We are available to answer any questions you may have concerning Israel’s ZEK practice.

Stuart Krause is the Executive Partner of ZEK, Chair of the Israel Practice and heads the Firm’s High-Stakes Litigation Group. Stu regularly represents foreign and US clients in complex cross-border litigation and has represented numerous Israeli clients for a number of years in court proceedings, arbitrations and mediations across the US. Contact Stuart at

Attorney Stuart A. Krause

Daniel Rubel co-heads ZEK’s Israel practice and manages ZEK’s Tel Aviv office. Daniel has a very large and prominent network of Israeli business and legal contacts, which he regularly utilizes for the mutual benefit of ZEK’s clients and his Israeli contacts. Daniel is also a senior member of ZEK’s litigation team and founder of ZEK’s 28 USC § 1782 practice Contact Daniel at

Attorney Daniel P. Rubel

Bruce Goodman is a senior member of ZEK’s litigation and Israel groups. Bruce has extensive experience representing large Israeli publicly traded companies in complex cross-border litigation and cross-border mediation. Contact Bruce at

Attorney Bruce S. Goodman