ZEK has extensive experience in floor plan lending to automotive and marine dealerships.

In this regard, we have acted as regional counsel for several industry, bank and non-bank lenders to dealerships for automotive related loans.

As part of this representation, we often are called upon to make real estate secured loans to the dealerships. These loans in particular often involve specialized environmental concerns. Our expertise leads our lender clients through the pitfalls inherent in this form of lending. As part of this representation, we are familiar with the workout and restructuring of floor plan and real estate loans. We are ever ready to deal with the possibilities of conversion of collateral, the “out-of-trust” predicament and the necessity for immediate seizure and injunction orders. Our firm has been involved in these matters in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

We are also familiar with the indirect financing of individual vehicles including issues involving retail installment contracts and leases and the statutory and regulatory issues involved in the drafting and enforcement of these documents.