ZEK has extensive experience in the defense and prosecution of complex fraud litigation in federal and state courts throughout the United States.

These cases often require the litigator to be as much a detective as a lawyer, and ZEK prides itself on being able to “figure it out”. When necessary, we supervise investigations around the world in preparing such cases for trial.

One of the Firm’s notable accomplishments in this field involved a protracted federal trial in which ZEK succeeded in obtaining a defendant’s verdict for a major bank in connection with $280 million fraud and RICO claims brought by a Middle Eastern quasi-governmental entity.

ZEK has successfully represented a large environmental consulting company in defending $54 billion RICO claims lodged by a large U.S. oil company.

ZEK has represented the principals and promoters of a private investment fund which invested in the UAE, in defending against fraud and breach of fiduciary claims lodged by the investors in Delaware Chancery Court.

Also representative is ZEK’s successful pursuit of fraud and contract claims on behalf of a client in connection with the citrus business in Florida (ZEK acting as lead counsel, with the assistance of local attorneys) in proceedings in the Florida state, federal, and bankruptcy courts.

ZEK also has handled several real estate and mortgage fraud cases for money centers, banks and other large financial institutions.

ZEK routinely represents the fraud units of a number of our clients. The Firm has developed an expertise, rare among law firms, not only in litigating civil fraud actions, but also in cooperating and working on behalf of our clients in tandem with governmental investigative authorities.

While many lawyers perceive the goal in fraud cases to be obtaining a judgment against a fraudster, we do not lose sight of the real objective: an uncollected judgment is not our client’s objective. We have a proven track record of locating and recovering assets throughout the world. The combination of our legal acumen and our investigative diligence often results in meaningful economic recovery for our clients.