ZEK’s litigation practice embraces virtually all phases of commercial activity. Our litigators regularly represent clients in judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings before federal and state courts in the Tri-State area, including the appellate courts.

The Firm also appears on its clients’ behalf in various courts in other jurisdictions throughout the United States. ZEK has substantial experience handling complex litigation matters as well as more routine types of disputes. Because of the financial and operational costs often associated with the litigation process, we pride ourselves on handling our clients’ matters efficiently and with minimal disruption to their businesses. Our philosophy involves assisting our clients in establishing clear litigation objectives and proposing appropriate strategies to accomplish these goals quickly, efficiently and smoothly. We staff matters as necessary, usually with a partner and an associate. Of course, the number of attorneys assigned to any particular file is a function of the complexity and volume of work required to address the issues presented in that case. We stress responsiveness to our clients’ questions and needs in promoting their interests throughout the litigation process.

ZEK also has facility in representing clients in the context of various alternative dispute resolution fora. Our lawyers have successfully arbitrated disputes on behalf of many of our clients under the auspices of, for example, the New York Stock Exchange, the NASD, the American Arbitration Association and the various arbitration and mediation facilities offered by the state and federal courts.

The Firm believes in striving to accommodate its clients’ business objectives and litigation budgets. As a result, in cooperation with its clients, ZEK has been a pioneer in both “shared litigation” with in-house litigation counsel and in devising and in some cases, encouraging non-traditional fee arrangements.